Alpaca Marca Peru

About the Alpaca

The Peruvian textile history began five thousand years ago when weavers from pre-Inca and Inca cultures mastered the natural fibers of cotton and alpaca. Today, these ancestral techniques, mixed together with a modern and competitive manufacturing industry, result in the production of top quality garments for the discerning international market.

The high quality of Peruvian creations made with alpaca fiber astounds the world; noble fabrics inspired by the ancestral Andean culture. Peru concentrates 80% of the world’s total Alpaca fiber production. Nonetheless, more than quantity, what distinguishes Peruvian Alpaca is its softness, its adaptability to dyeing and ease for weaving. Alpacas are native to the mountain range of the Andes; they reside at altitudes of more than 4,000 meters and withstand extreme temperatures. Alpacas have special thermal properties due to its microscopic air pockets, allowing air through on warm days to bring the wearers temperature down and trapping body heat in cold weather. In addition, alpaca fiber has a natural range of 22 colors and a silk-like luster, it is hypoallergenic and its production has a sustainable impact on the environment.

Tejidos de alpaca

Characteristics of the Alpaca


Raza de Alpaca / Alpaca breeds

Existen dos razas de alpacas, la alpaca Huacaya y la alpaca Suri. Sus características y diferencias son las siguientes:

There are two types of breeds: alpaca Huacaya and alpaca Suri. Their characteristics and differences are the following:

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Razas de alpaca


Fibra Lacia

Lank fiber

Más suave


Finura de amplio
rango: 18 a 32 micrones

Wide range fitneness:
18 to 32 micron

Tipo dividido, deja al
descubierto el torso

Type divided, it leaves
the back uncoverd

Brillante con caracteres
de pelo

Shinny hair - like

Mayor longitud


Mechas congantes
y larga

Hanging long fleece

Menor densidad

Lower density

Más elástica

More elastic


Mechas en forma de rulos

Crimpy fleece

Tipo entero, esponjoso,
protege todo el cuerpo

Bundled, flufly that protects
all the body

Finura de amplio rango:
18 a 32 micrones

Wide range fineness:
18 to 32 microns

Menos brillo
parecido a la lana

Less luster, similar to wool

Menos suave

Less softness

Menor longitud

Less length

Mayor densidad

More density

Menos elástica

Less elastic


Verdades sobre la industria de la alpaca

Facts about the alpaca industry


Es una industria innovadora y moderna

Innovative and modern industry



De la producción global está en el Perú

Of global production is in Peru


Es naturalmente hipoalergénica

It is naturally hypoallergenic


Variedad de precios competitivos

A variety of competitive prices


Es muy ligera y regula la temperatura

It is very light and regulate temperature


Sigue prácticas éticas eficaces

It follows efficient ethical practices


Los estándares de trabajo son altos

High labor standards



Tonalidades y puede ser teñida

Colors and it can be dyed


Es usada por diseñadores reconocidos

Used by well-known designers


Ligera y suave, ideal para un recién nacido

Innovative and modern industry

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