Types of Alpacas

The beauty of the Alpaca is unlike any other. There are 2 breeds: Huacaya, which represents 85% of the total Alpaca population and Suri, making up the balance. The Huacaya have a fluffy appearance due to their short, curly hair, while the Suri have a slick, shiny fleece that hangs from its body in long, twisted locks. The 90% of the alpacas are located at the south of Peru (Puno, Arequipa and Cusco)

The Alpaca Advantage

  • Lightweight, breathable and soft
  • Extremely fine while also durable
  • Naturally comes in a range of 22 colors: from black through variations of grays and browns to white
  • Innately hypoallergenic and contains no oil or lanolin
  • It has thermal properties due to its microscopic air pockets, allowing air through on warm days to bring the wearers temperature down and trapping body heat in cold weather
  • Alpaca is trans-seasonal and can be worn for more than only winter sweaters due to the naturally smooth and hollow core of its fibers

Why Alpaca from Peru?

  • Peru is home to 80% of the global Alpaca population
  • Alpaca is sustainable and eco-friendly + no animals are harmed during the shearing process
  • Alpaca is an equally, if not more so, luxurious alternative to other natural fibers
  • Peru and its Alpaca industry are the leaders in terms of social responsibility, following the global principles of Fair Trade
  • The Peruvian Alpaca industry supports more than 120,000 local families
  • Peru is technologically advanced with respect to machines used while also sustaining local artisans with hand-knitting. A real blend of modern research & development with age-old craftsmanship
  • Peruvian Alpaca is a vertically integrated industry, from the breeding to the fiber through the manufacturing of garments and development of international private brands
  • Peru has a long and successful history producing for top global brands, such as: Prada, Chanel, Max Mara, Ralph Lauren and many more
  • Peruvian Alpaca is DUTY-FREE to the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, as well as other countries

What is the “Alpaca del Perú” brand?

Alpaca del Perú exists to communicate all that is unique about Alpaca, long referred to as the “treasure of the Andes”. Its logo shows the Alpaca silhouette, looking straight ahead to the future while its design is drawn with lines that reflect the ancient hand work of our natural fiber.
Today, Alpaca fiber is synonymous with luxury and quality. Peru is not only the number 1 supplier of Alpaca fiber in the world, but it is also a country manufacturing top notch clothing and accessories for the global market, seen on the runways of Paris, Milan, NYC and more. With its versatility and myriad shapes and colors, there is no limit for Alpaca del Perú.

Promotion of the Brand

Since Alpaca del Peru launched in November 2014, it has been promoted through different prestigious local and international events:


For more information write to: buyer@promperu.gob.pe