Alpaca from Peru

About Peruvian Alpaca

About Alpaca del Perú

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Our purpose is to position alpaca fiber in the world valuing its origin and qualities, through the responsibility of the treatment and protection of alpacas, their sustainability, and the livelihood of thousands of alpaca families.

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We produce sustainably

We produce sustainably

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We are a country that loves our culture, resources, and biodiversity. It is not just part of our daily lives; it is passion and respect for what we do.

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From Peru to the world
Millennial Legacy

Peruvian alpaca stands out at showcase events and on catwalks around the world

Today's fashion is focused on sustainability: that’s the trend among designers.

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Millennial Legacy

The world needs alpaca (and it comes from Peru)

The Puno region is the epicenter of one of the most elegant fibers on the planet.

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Millennial Legacy

Alpaca, llama and guanaco: differences and similarities

Peruvian camelids and their friendly bond with mankind.

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