Millennial Legacy

The alpaca is the treasure of the Andes and Peruvians have protected for thousands of years. Learn all about the precious alpaca fiber and how it has become popular around the world.

Credits: YouTube - Alpaca Fiesta Virtual 2021

The affectionate and respectful treatment is the foundation of our Andean worldview and has several characteristics.

"Our affectionate treatment is due to the fact that, in the earth-centered worldview and personified in the Pachamama, universal mother breeder of everything that exists in nature, recognizes the flora, fauna, stone, water, rivers, sun, moon, potato, quinoa, alpaca, llama, and everything else, as living organic beings, because they have life and the qualities of a person.

In this world, there is a relationship between Andean man through his work with his natural environment. Therefore, being the son of the Pachamama and brother of animals and plants, the man has developed an awareness of respect, gratitude, and responsibility for biodiversity; in addition to an ethic oriented towards mutual respect and reciprocal respect for life."

Alpaca del Perú
Alpaca del Perú
Alpaca del Perú

Credits: Alpaca Fiesta Virtual 2021

How to breed life from the Andean worldview? All beings of the ayllu or Pacha share the gift of life and, therefore, have the same importance, rights, and obligations with respect to it..

For this reason, in kay pacha, irresponsible predation by humans, is also severely punished (Guamán Poma de Ayala).

Scientific studies (Wheeler 1984, Wing 1986) indicate that alpacas and llamas were already domesticated 6,000 or 5,500 years ago, forming a central part of the pre-Hispanic cultures development.

Its evolution and good management of the herds by the Andean ancestral settler made these species suppliers of an abundant thin and long fur, main source of fiber for a sophisticated textile shop that until today is admired.

Alpaca del Perú
The Alpaca Fiber

The Alpaca Fiber

Attributes of Alpaca Fiber

The Alpaca Fiber

Qualities of fleece

  • Fleece weight
  • Fineness
  • Felting power
  • Softness
  • Gloss and sheen
  • Uniformity
  • Washed fiber performance


Types of Alpacas

Fiber Applications

Alpaca del Perú


Alpaca del Perú


Alpaca del Perú

Modern Neo

Alpaca del Perú



Alpaca Awards

Alpaca Awards are the promotion strategy that considers the link between international design schools in interaction with Peruvian companies. Its goal is to spread the use of alpaca fiber as an international commercial alternative, while generating added value for Peruvian exports.

Alpaca Awards Belgium

Bruselas, Bélgica

Alpaca Awards France

París, Francia